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If You’re Here From Insta

This kid is crushing it.

Wait! Have You Not Seen… Under The Rainbow?

I'm actually with Steve on this one: I can't believe you haven't seen this. Randall Armstrong probably hasn't seen it.

I just… I mean… I Don’t Even Know What the Deal Is Any More

Remember how I always said I'd ride this show in to the heart of the sun? I guess, but not in public. What a yawnfest.

LARRY vs. STAR TREK #2: October 2nd, 2017

Looking forward to the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery season five from just a thank-god-it’s-finally-out-of-its-misery as the biggest off-brand misfire of Star Trek in its 108-year history of scifi entertainment? Me, too.

Wait! Have You Not Seen… How I Got Into College?

The next one I planned on writing is a...

Wait! Have You Not Seen LET IT RIDE?

You must have seen this. You've seen this, right?