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Larry not only loves his advance copy of the YA book THE NIGHTCRAWLERS, he turns the spotlight on MARCO LOPEZ so you can give him and his team of heroes some cash.

Wait! Have You Not Seen This? Nightmare at Noon

All right; stop. Collaborate, and listen! Steve is back with a brand new Wait! Have You Not Seen This? Something grabs a hold of us, tightly: it's his thoughts on this obscure George Kennedy flick.

Wait! Have You Not Seen This? Middle of November Edition

Steve Uchrin returns to slap some sense into you. What?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jack LesCamela:

I was going to write a bit about this but Jack already did, and much more eloquently and well-informed than I would have. And with less swearing.

Man Wears a Mask; His Face Then Grows to Fit It

So let's just count this as a costume post.

Public Domain: But Not That Channel Zero Backmatter Book We Published; Real Public Domain

“Sorry, we didn’t read your contract going into these negotiations. We thought we owned it.”

Well, THIS is Happening

Reading these over and preparing for publication, I find these these things are much, much more legit than I remember. Way to go, much younger Larry.