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Public Domain: But Not That Channel Zero Backmatter Book We Published; Real Public Domain

“Sorry, we didn’t read your contract going into these negotiations. We thought we owned it.”

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Well, THIS is Happening

Reading these over and preparing for publication, I find these these things are much, much more legit than I remember. Way to go, much younger Larry.
Well, those first two episodes of Ahsoka sure did have all the Star Wars in it, didn't it? ... I do like that the 2022 Star Wars book Brotherhood actually...
Once again, Larry Young, agent of SHIELD (first in-universe appearance: Cable #60) and national security expert and SHIELD counsel Brad Moss join Peter Parker's...
Things I start that stick always seem to happen in the middle of its month. Anyway, happy first anniversary, Dork Court.
Look, remember that episode of THE BEAR where the sandwich shop got a C and it fired everybody up? This is like that.
I'd have probably liked this nonsense if it wasn't a musical.
After spending a week in San Diego at the big con, we somehow missed two episodes but saw the LOWER DECKS crossover four times. Multiverse!
There's an earthquake fault running right through Hollywood. It's not the fault's fault, either.
It's no secret I love Ortegas on Strange New Worlds; I write that almost every time I do a column on the show and...
So I know everybody else has figured this out, but Walker did first.
It's pretty cool to have STAR TREK on again.

Welcome to Dork Court

I’m going to have to start some kind of decent pop culture review site because everything is clickbait nonsense or drivel from morons or both.

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Shulkie is All We Byrne Fans Hoped For

Acting powerhouse Tatiana Maslany and her seventeen Emmys for ORPHAN BLACK sell a dopey concept immediately.

In Defense of Zack Snyder in Easily Digestible Morsels

I said to Paulett Sutton I could write "Zack Snyder is a genius" and people would freak. #TeamLarry, or #TeamPaulett?

Wait! Have You Not Seen 13th Warrior?

This and TOMBSTONE were the two movies Steve and Mark couldn't believe I hadn't seen yet. I encourage you to read this and then do so.

The Seven Best Movies You Have Never Seen

Of course you have seen these. ARMAGEDDON, at least. I just haven't given you something to read for a while. Mimi's on a business trip, so... here.