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I just… I mean… I Don’t Even Know What the Deal Is Any More

Remember how I always said I'd ride this show in to the heart of the sun? I guess, but not in public. What a yawnfest.

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Looking forward to the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery season five from just a thank-god-it’s-finally-out-of-its-misery as the biggest off-brand misfire of Star Trek in its 108-year history of scifi entertainment? Me, too.
The next one I planned on writing is a flick that I recall seeing early in my movie years. I believe we may have...
You must have seen this. You've seen this, right?
With STAR TREK: DISCOVERY S5 starting, enjoy this article about the S1 premiere and see at least how this show was consistent, at least, if not being consistent STAR TREK despite being mislabeled so.
All right, stop. Collaborate, and listen. Steve is back with a brand new column.
Happy Valentine's Day, guys. Love, everbody else.


Walker did a fantastic new intro which we used for end credits, and that after-credits sequence John did is Marvel-level.
Steve is back with a column he wrote back on the ninth and I somehow couldn't get it together enough to post it until today. Good news is this one is fantastic.
Join Dr. John Price, PhD. searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have... and Larry Young, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, as they talk about STAR TREK on a frankly legally expert level.

The State of Things

Does the pop culture world have Zack Snyder Derangement Syndrome? I don't know how to explain the reception to REBEL MOON because if there's one the world needs right now it's a BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS remake.


Larry not only loves his advance copy of the YA book THE NIGHTCRAWLERS, he turns the spotlight on MARCO LOPEZ so you can give him and his team of heroes some cash.
All right; stop. Collaborate, and listen! Steve is back with a brand new Wait! Have You Not Seen This? Something grabs a hold of us, tightly: it's his thoughts on this obscure George Kennedy flick.

Welcome to Dork Court

I’m going to have to start some kind of decent pop culture review site because everything is clickbait nonsense or drivel from morons or both.

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Shulkie is All We Byrne Fans Hoped For

Acting powerhouse Tatiana Maslany and her seventeen Emmys for ORPHAN BLACK sell a dopey concept immediately.

The Seven Best Movies You Have Never Seen

Of course you have seen these. ARMAGEDDON, at least. I just haven't given you something to read for a while. Mimi's on a business trip, so... here.

In Defense of Zack Snyder in Easily Digestible Morsels

I said to Paulett Sutton I could write "Zack Snyder is a genius" and people would freak. #TeamLarry, or #TeamPaulett?

Wait! Have You Not Seen 13th Warrior?

This and TOMBSTONE were the two movies Steve and Mark couldn't believe I hadn't seen yet. I encourage you to read this and then do so.