Larry Young's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Larry Young’s AGENTS OF SHIELD: Collecting the seven years of pop culture criticism from Spunkybean, this two hundred and eight page monstrosity doesn’t just feature trenchant insights of each episode as they were originally aired, but the collection also features Larry’s homespun style, unvarnished opinions, and apparently an X-ray of a cat. Featuring writer and bon vivant Eric Palicki’s introduction and Spunkybean editor and raconteur EJ Feddes’ heartwarming afterword, this collection is obviously meant for the superfans.

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Untitled Walker Young Project #1

Contained in these amazing thirty-two pages are two short stories collected into one book of awesomeness by writer Walker Young, the artists the Fillbach Brothers, and illustrator Daniel Caval. The first story is a World War II tale come to life about two soldiers: one who gets blinded and the other who helps lead him to safety. Poignant and moving and what NBC/Universal’s Linda Jackson calls, “a fantastic debut work by an obviously can’t-miss new talent.” The second tale is Jack Fry: The Missing, featuring the first appearance of the modern noir-style detective tasked with finding a missing husband. But like all really, really good mysteries, the end of the case is something Fry just couldn’t see coming.

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