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Shulkie is All We Byrne Fans Hoped For

So, here we are. “Dork Court” came from the late and dearly missed Tom Spurgeon, who corrected some social media wag once by writing, “Come on; we’re not filing briefs in Dork Court” which I thought was an amazing construction and pretty insightful and it’s not stealing if you give attribution, right? So I was horrified by the clickbait state of affairs with obvious morons like Screen Rant and Inside the Magic with their clueless at best and evil at worst misrepresentations of the scene, not to mention JV teams like The Mary Sue or We’ve Got this Covered just throwing poo all over everything so like what always happens when I get disgusted at the state of affairs, I just do it myself.

Like our sister YouTube Channel, DORK COURT is starting out just me and the young man, but I have a bunch of talented friends so I’m sure in a while or two somebody will pitch me something and we’ll be off to the races. Meantime, SHE-HULK.

First off, as a giant John Byrne fan, I’m in the tank for this show already. If Marvel had any balls they wouldn’t be crowing about their mastery of the multiverse; they’d just have Tatiana Maslany show up as She-Hulk in the FF costume they gave John Krasinsky and just not even mention it and watch teh fanbois eat themselves in a paroxysm of joy and self-hatred. I mean, seriously. She just looks wrong in a black and purple swimsuit. DESTROY THE INTERNET, KEVIN FEIGE

But, given that, I loved every little thing about this episode. Starts off with some lawyer stuff, because it’s a lawyer show, and she immediately breaks the fourth wall, to set up the flashback origin, that is so painful in most shows but is really dispensed of quickly because if you’re watching a show called SHE-HULK on a streaming platform you have actively sought out because FALCON AND THE WINTER SNOWMAN was such a integral part of your early quarantine experience, you’re good with GIRL HULK STARRING THAT MERYL STREEP FROM ORPHAN BLACK. Then, funny Hulk training, explanation for fan theories through dialogue, a green bird, and another fourth wall break, like, we’ve been here the whole time, but only Jen knows. That’s going to be a weird moment when she and Deadpool meet during a Kang battle or something in AVENGERS: EVERYBODY.

One of the deft touches I found was the whole misogyny thing was handled with a razor walk of pathos, acceptance, but also fiery wherewithal and forward motion. Of course she can handle newfound hulkiness, because why wouldn’t she be able to? Do you want to know her secret, Banner? She’s always angry.

She just handles it better than you.

Anyway, go watch it; this one is going to be very rewarding, and I can’t wait for all those Morlock fanboys to eat crow on this one.

Larry Young
Larry Young
Larry Young is a writer: non-fiction, graphic novels, and pop culture criticism. His work has appeared in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, VARIETY, and THE YEAR’S BEST SCIENCE FICTION. A frequent guest on the video podcasts MILLION DOLLAR MAILBOX and WORD BALLOONS, he’s also co-host of SERIOUS STAR TREK and the sister YouTube channel of this website.


  1. This is excellent! Just got through watching the show a bit ago. I do NOT know why anybody is panning this thing because I found it to be thoroughly entertaining! I laughed, I didn’t cry and was thrilled with it all except when I had to pause it because this mornings fish meal was not that good.

    Five stars all around and hooray for the new website thing-ee!

  2. YASSS! I’m going to actually watch the show tonight… unlike when I usually say I’m going to watch something that night, I’m really and truly going to watch this tonight, and I hope your overly positive reaction pales in comparison to my reaction when I get to it myself. I have high hopes for this, and am looking forward to it exceeding them!


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