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I really hope that DC knows what they’re doing. JOKER 2: FOLIE A DUEX (madness for 2) has been confirmed. “Madness for two” could be referring to a Harley Quinn character that tries to help him where we might see an in depth origin into Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. But I would want to see the dynamics of the Joker and Bruce Wayne touching on the topics of their complicated relationship as they do so much in the comics.

I do want something like this to be done though: Robert Pattinson’s Batman must find a copycat of the Joker who is causing trouble in the city of Gotham. Batman and Joker must work together to stop the new copycat. This may be hard because in the original movie they show Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker talking to a young Bruce Wayne. If they were to do something like that, it would make Phoenix’s Joker much older and slower. So, less chase scenes. The bond between Phoenix and Pattinson fighting the copycat would really reinforce the strange relationship of Batman and Joker. I also think it would be great to see those awesome actors portray such different characters in a weird “buddy cop” movie.

I would have the copycat Joker be Jared Leto’s Joker form SUICIDE SQAD. Zach Snyder, along with SUICIDE SQAD’S director David Ayer confirmed that Leto’s Joker is Dick Grayson. Now, I think that’s a great twist and a cool idea, but I would have much rather heard that Leto’s Joker is Jason Todd. I think the his story would be awesome to see portrayed in the film.

In the comics, Jason Todd is killed by the Joker in an explosion. Jason miraculously returns and takes up the Joker’s former identity, the Red Hood. For JOKER 2, I think Jason should just become Joker, the man who killed him. After being blown up he goes crazy and turns into the the copycat Joker. Pattinson and Phoenix then work together to bring him down. In an after credit scene, Jason could be thrown in a correctional facility where he meets Roy Harper (Arsenal), and they become friends leading to Jason’s recovery.

But I’m getting off track. While I’m writing this, the idea sounds like more of a Batman movie. Although, I think that it would be fantastic as a Joker movie told from his perspective. Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

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Walker Young
Walker Young
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  1. Dang interesting ideas there! I admit to wondering what the next movie will be like. I, however, try to not read or hear about future movies once they start publicizing and releasing trailers. Surprise to what is on the screen (big or little) is what I prefer. I loved Joker and hope this next one, whenever it is, will also be good.

    (Note, you write: “I would have the copycat Joker be Jared Leto’s Joker form SUICIDE SQAD.” Typos that spellcheck won’t/might not catch. easily edited here I am sure.)

    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to when you are a Hollywood Titan and Mogul, even if you have to move to Burbank.


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