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Wait; Have You Not Seen This?

Anyway, let’s tackle another flick that helps round out my top 5. This is for sure one that I never had the privilege of playing in the video store during my working hours. But when I was sitting at home with nothing to do but read a pile of 40 comic books, this was playing in the background. I have owned this flick on VHS twice, Laserdisc, dvd and blu-ray. Now, just a digital copy on one of my hard drives. The perfect Stallone 80s classic.


Sylvester Stallone is Marion Cobretti, a cop that works on the Zombie Squad in Los Angeles. The Zombie Squad (sick name) are the cops that work the midnight shift but essentially do anything to get the job done. The flick starts with a supermarket hostage scene, which gives you everything you need to know. No negotiations happening in this flick. But it introduces us to the bad guys/cult, The New World. Bunch of psychos trying to kill innocence because good people are weak. Lame motto, but the bad guys are great. They bang axe heads together and once you hear that noise it is forever stamped in your brain. Brian Thompson is the big bad as the Night Slasher. Damn; another great name. And supermodel gorgeous Brigitte Nielsen is the damsel in distress, by seeing something she should not have seen. The rest of the cast is all recognizable. Reni Santoni is his partner, Andrew Robinson (Scorpio Killer in DIRTY HARRY) is another detective, Art LaFluer and Sledge Hammer himself Dan Rasche. Seriously! Every role is a face you recognize.

This is 80s action in all its glory. From a creepy 80s horror movie chase scene in a hospital, to a sick car chase scene that the FAST AND THE FURIOUS guys wish they could pull off. Remember no CG, real cars driving on real roads? Insane. Man, the 80s were awesome… all culminating into a big final action scene that feels like it takes 45 minutes. Just crazy stunts , explosions, guns with unlimited bullets. Just the best. I never understood how this never got a sequel, it made good money and Stallone was the man when this came out. I forgot to mention it is by the under appreciated wizard George P. Cosmatos. Look him up. Not a ton of films but all memorable. Fun fact, his son Panos was able to make his first film on the dvd sale royalties of TOMBSTONE that his dad would get. OK, OK; back to this flick. Just a fun action flick with a ton of super quotes. “You’re a disease and I’m the cure” is one of Stallone’s best. Find it on dvd/blu-ray, because I don’t think I have ever found it on a streaming service. Thank god I didn’t because it would not get turned off.

Extra-extra bonus. The flick is violent, so is a total 100% R flick, but, supposingly, there was a cut so violent that it was hit with an X rating. I don’t think that version exists in the world, trust me, I have looked. But there is a VHS copy inclusive of scenes from a TV showing back in the day. About 20 minutes of scenes cut from the flick. I think it lives on youtube, so after your viewing check out the extra 20 that didn’t make the dvd. Only reason I bring it up is you can see where Fincher gets his influence for the ending of SEVEN.

Yup, everyone steals.

Steve Uchrin
Steve Uchrin
Steve Uchrin is a former comic shop clerk, a former video store clerk, and current married dad of two girls with zero interest in comics or movies. Owner of 10+ terabytes of flicks and the largest McDonald's "cocaine" spoon collection this side of the Mississippi.


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