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STP S3 E7: I am here, Geordi

It was good. Lots of stuff happened. Brent Spiner got paid. They tried to blend clever writing with pew-pews, and I liked it. That’s about it. I’m not quite sure how many expendable Changeling 2.0s there are, but that’s not terribly important. And explicitly reframing Section 31 as Starfleet’s Unit 731 was a positive shift from the gross glorification they’d been receiving from many fans and certain executive producers in recent memory.

But, yeah, it was good. The problem is, this is like watching a feature length movie via 10 minute YouTube clips. No matter how good each clip may be, we’re stuck in this frustrating stop-and-go whiplash. Nobody else in the history of the world will be forced to watch this show like this; simply put, we’re being punished. And that certainly blunts any positive reception each episode might engender.

Anyway, it was good. I liked it.

Jack Crusher’s story is still incredibly boring, which is unfortunate as it’s the main thread of the show’s entire plot…

Please note: “Holy shit, we got her!” sounds like a real person cursing. Star Trek isn’t above curse words, it’s just that Patrick Stewart is bad at it. Simple as that.

Where’s Bashir in all this?



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